FFF-Services offers advertisers consulting and project management of
audio-visual productions.


Whether you are developing a creative analysis of implementation, organisational planning, cost controlling or execution, I take personal care of your projects and tailor my offer to your specific requirements. If there is a need on further expertise, FFF-Services gets the right partner involved and manages every aspect of the relationship, acting as your sole point of contact.


Creative Producing means in practice, that each project is individually vetted reviewed from all angles. With the final product and budget in mind,
FFF-Services develops alternative creative implementation routes and offers recommendations for directors and production houses.


An important success factor is finding the balance between an agency’s creativity and corporate constraints. As a neutral partner in this relationship,
I work to maximise results for both sides.


Consulting is about the holistic screening of all the production parameters.
Not only do I compare the absolute numbers, but also all content relevant aspects related to the costs, which I then analyse in relation to the storyboards and directors’ interpretations. I ensure that production experience, knowledge
of the process as well as creativity are combined to achieve the best product for you at an affordable price.



lCreative implementation analysis and recommendations

lDirector and production house screening

lRequirement and cost estimation for productions in the planning phase

lHandling of national and international bidding processes with multiple vendors

lComparison and negotiation of production offers

lEvaluation of production costs with regard to the relevance of the content      Gbased on storyboards and directors’ interpretations

lIdentification of possible potential savings

lLeading and organisation of pre-production meetings, including ppm-booklet     Gand ppm-reports

lSupervision of production preparation, such as casting, styling and  G

Glocation options

lShooting attendance and supervision

lAdministration, scheduling and coordination of offline and online approvals

lConsulting and supervision of postproduction and 3D animation

lHandling of TV and cinema or local country adaptations

lSupervision of productions for animatics or pre-test films

lBack office for production handling

lClearance of buyouts for music, talent and speakers

lNegotiation of contracts for celebrities nationally and internationallyI

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